Friday, January 27, 2017

Fashion Friday....Building my Ten Item Wardrobe

                                                          My 10 Item Wardrobe

                     In last week's Fashion Chic Friday I briefly mentioned the 10 Item Wardrobe (or also known as a capsule wardrobe) I learned from reading Madame Chic Series  by Jennifer L Scott. Since reading her book originally I loved the idea of a minimum wardrobe with pieces of items work together to make your wardrobe look timeless. It is quite marvelous you see I no longer buy items spontaneously (which I had a bad habit of). I would constantly buying items that sometimes didn't work well with other items already in my wardrobe and then eventually after years of never wearing I eventually donated them. The wardrobe concept is based around having a few key pieces. Versatile to mix and match in your wardrobe to create multiple looks. Choosing only the items that you love and will wear often. Which leads to no longer stressing over what to wear due to the flexibility of the wardrobe.
                    Now your pieces are that your pieces. You can find quality items from high end stores, consignment store and even Target. It's understanding what your personal style is and catering to that look.   If you're worried about the effect frequent wear has on an item's condition, each article of clothing has a set life cycle, and constant use does not alter that. It becomes a decision of quality versus quantity. I do understand that it may sound a bit silly or even superficial but it does make life simpler and well we all have to get dressed might as well have a little order to it all.

Here are a few tricks to building your 10 Item Wardrobe

*Remove all the  clothes from your closet. Going through every item in your closet and ask yourself the following questions:
*Does this fit me?
*Is this age-appropriate?
*Is this my true style?
*Do I love this?
*Do I wear this?

If a piece doesn’t pass the test, get rid of it.

*Store seasonal items appropriately . If you can't wear any item at the moment due to being to cold or to hot then store it away. It becomes clutter.

*Build your 10 Item Wardrobe with what made the cut and you are keeping.
  Example 2 pair of slacks, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses, and 4 blouses.

*Of course there is room for extras

Round out your wardrobe with t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, special occasion wear, and accessories. These items don’t count towards your ten pieces.

*It's a mindset (remember)

No one will come knocking at your door if you have more than 10 "core"pieces. It’s okay to end up with more. Your true goal and benefits is to have a  reasonable size.

In my wardrobe I had been wanting a white special shirt. Well while I was out on an errand yesterday I stopped into Macy's which is closing there doors here where I live. Making the entire store on clearance. Now walking in and everything being from 30%- 75% off I could have lost my head and filled up my arms with lots of goodies. Understanding that I don't need everything that catches my eye I specifically looked for a white shirt that would fall under the invisible guideline I had set up for what I wanted.  I happily found one that exceeded my expectations. Here is my new addition, that I will be pairing with my slacks, and my A-line skirt. Here is a photo of my new wardrobe addition.

What are your opinions about a Ten Item Wardrobe? Is that something you do? Would be interesting in doing? Would love to hear your thoughts. Would you like more information and more posts regarding a chic ten item wardrobe? Examples? Glimpses into mine?

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  1. I love your blouse, I am thinking of doing the same ten item idea, thank you for sharing.